Plastic products
customisation service

Custom mould construction,
screen printing and engravings.

  • A workshop dedicated to manufacturing customised moulds

  • Smipa srl has a workshop dedicated to the manufacturing of commissioned moulds. From the design to the manufacturing, the skilled technicians study the best solution to ensure a custom-created quality product. The design department is coordinated by staff qualified in using CAD-CAM stations: the steel moulds that are designed are the result of experience and design. In-house design optimises timing and quality in the production phase as well as guaranteeing a product manufactured to the technical specifications requested by the customer.

  • Maintenance and checking

  • All the moulds manufactured for the customised production of plastic items are checked even when they are not in use. The mould warehouse built by Smipa srl is managed by staff who take care of the maintenance and they check efficiency in the post-production period.
    The maintenance of our customers’ moulds is guaranteed by Smipa S.r.l. even after years.

  • Customised packaging for your brand

  • Depending on the type of plastic products required, it is possible to manufacture items with specific sampled colours with bar codes on the cap. Besides the chromatic choice, Smipa srl can customise the moulded product with screen printing or, where possible, plastic-coated labels applied with IML system, which is widely used for food packaging.

Tipo di stampaggio
Tipo di stampaggio

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