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All the plastic materials
processed by Smipa srl

  • Plastic: each to their own!

  • The raw materials used for the production of measuring cups, containers, test tubes and other plastic items, include almost all thermoplastic resins: PE – PP – PST – ABS – PA – POM – PMMA – PC – PVC and others.
    Polypropylene (PP) of the thermoplastic resin family is a semi-crystalline polymer resistant to heat and abrasion. This plastic material is particularly suitable for the production of various kinds of containers for multiple uses, from cosmetics to detergents, from food to agro-chemical. Several items produced by Smipa are made of high-density polyethylene: a thermoplastic resin obtained from the polymerisation of ethylene. PE - HD is also suitable for the production of rigid hermetic containers, due to its high resistance to chemical agents: a non-toxic material with low hygroscopic absorption, resistant to wear and heat. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is ideal for coffee machine accessories, due to its rigidity and lightness.

  • Smipa chooses only top-quality material

  • The quality guarantee of Smipa plastic products starts from the choice of the raw material. The aforementioned polymers that are used to make lids and plugs, are quite common among plastic materials and are suitable to contain various types of products and are mainly used in the food sector (M.O.C.A.). The materials used for plastic boxes (PST) and plastic jars (PP) are mainly used in containers with hinged lids.


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