from the raw materials to the environment

The attention to detail that
distinguishes Smipa products

  • Research and development:
    experience, skills and a vision set on the future

  • The company boasts over eighty years of experience in plastic material moulding and in the design and manufacturing of moulds. The skills acquired are the result of continuous research and focus on innovation, especially technological. The manufacturing of plastic containers follows an accurate production process controlled by expert technicians: the design and construction of pilot equipment for testing, allows to execute the required piece with the actual material and characteristics of the production. The control phase includes a test on the containers to guarantee their complete suitability for contact with different substances: the containers must have no leaks, therefore their lids must have a good seal, there must be a correct coupling between the bottoms and the caps as well as correct closure. The moulds must also have no defects.

  • Attention to the environment, inside and outside the company.

  • Respect for the environment is guaranteed by a company policy that focuses on every single production step: from using materials that are always recyclable, to reducing the energy consumption with the installation, as early as 2011, of a photovoltaic panel system that produces 30% of electricity ensuring a CO2 reduction of 200 tons per year.
    All the materials that are no longer useful for production at Smipa srl are re-granulated and re-entered in the market as secondary raw materials.
    The plant that heats and cools the entire company is powered by a closed water circuit, used to cool the moulding presses in the production department.

  • Attention to health and hygiene standards

  • Plastic containers intended for the food sector are treated with particular care in compliance with all the required hygiene standards. Because of the new technologies inserted in the machine fleet, Smipa srl is able to manufacture mechanically sterile test tubes: the plastic test tubes used for milk analyses can be filled with sprayed or tablet preservative, depending on the specific requirements.

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